New International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems site!

From 1/1/2021 IJECES is migrating to a new, more efficient online submission system.

To publish a paper in our journal you should go to the new site via the green button below and create a new account.

To continue to the old site, click the blue button below.

Instructions for existing users

Since your paper needs to go through the entire review process in the new system and you, as the author, need to create a new account for future correspondence through the new system itself, we kindly ask you to resubmit the paper to the journal, but now through the new online system available at address


You need to create your account first upon which you can submit the paper to the new system. After that, we will urgently forward your paper to the review process.


The instructions for authors are provided below.

Instructions for authors

1. Go to the new website
2. Click "Register" in the top right corner of the front page.
3. Fill out the registration form; fields marked with a red asterisk are required as is the checkbox agreeing to the privacy statement.
4. Upon completing the registration, you can either make a new submission by clicking "Make a new submission" from the "Registration complete" page, or review and edit your profile details by clicking "Edit my profile"
5. Follow the instructions in the submission forms. You will be asked to first select the relevant topics of your paper, acknowledge the submission requirements and agree to our copyright and privacy statements.
6. Next you will be asked to upload the current manuscript file. Select "Manuscript file" from the "Article component" drop-down list and then click "Upload file" and select your file. Click Continue", "Continue", "Complete" and "Save and continue".

7. Now you will be asked to enter your article metadata. “Title”, “Abstract” and “Keywords" are required. Add details of other contributing authors.
8. Finally click "Finish submission".
9. You should receive an email confirming your submission. You can follow the progress from your dashboard, accessible by clicking "Submissions" in the left hand menu or directly at this link: