Nidhika Birla, Akhilesh Swarup

The use of advanced knowledge of reference can improve the tracking quality and performance of transient response of a control system and the systems using such information are called preview control systems. This paper explains the implementation of preview control methodology available in literature, i.e. DARE and LMI-based approaches for a non-linear system. The design of a multi-objective preview controller for a non-linear inverted pendulum system based on the MO-PSO (Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm. The proposed algorithm uses a modified objective function to deal with multiple objectives and replaces infeasible solutions by feasible ones with the help of the concept of brood generation in the MBO (Marriage in Honey Bees) algorithm. The use of the notion of brood generation strengthens the algorithm by making the solutions not fall into local optima. The design methods are verified, for time response and robustness and stability parameters, on a benchmark nonlinear model of inverted pendulum. Simulations are carried out on a MATLAB platform. The test results verify the potential of the proposed MO-PSO procedure as per the quality of the solution obtained in terms of multiple objectives considered for the design problems.
discrete algebraic Riccati equation (DARE), linear matrix inequality (LMI), marriage in honey bees optimization (MBO),
particle swarm optimization (PSO), preview control.