Zdenko Šimić, Vladimir Mikuličić, Igor Vuković

The enormous discrepancy between risk perception and the risk associated with nuclear power utilization will further perpetuate after the recent accident in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP) in Japan. Complete and transparent risk assessment is an assumption for an improvement in risk understanding. This paper contains an overview of approaches and the results of risk assessment of nuclear power in the context of energy utilization. It is possible to improve understanding of the risk based on numerous risk assessments carried out for NPPs worldwide, our own experience, and assessments based on cumulative operating experience. The paper presents an updated risk assessment from nuclear power in the light of a recent accident in Japan and it also implies possible causes that led to overlook a concrete hazard from tsunami in the original risk assessment. Assessment of relevance of the Fukushima event on reliability of risk assessment from nuclear power in the world is of huge importance for further deliberation on utilization of nuclear power. It is undisputable that these activities will demonstrate, and at some locations improve, NPP’s high safety level. Still, perception in general public remains one of the most relevant challenges for optimal planning of the future of the energy sector.
Fukushima, nuclear power, risk assessment, risk perception