Marinko Stojkov, Emil Hnatko, Milan Kljajin, Marija Živić, Krunoslav Hornung

The concept of the CCHP system (combined cooling, heating and power – combined cooling, heating and electricity generation) is described in this paper. The development of CCHP systems comes from the CHP system (combined heat and power
generation), also known as cogeneration. CHP systems generate electricity from fuel combustion, heat as a by-product may contain even 60% to 80% of the total potential energy, and may be re-used for different applications. CHP is generally defined as the combined production of electricity (or mechanical) energy and useful thermal energy from the same primary energy source. Rated power of most of centralized power plants and industries which use CHP system exceeds 1 MW. Rated power of CCHP systems varies over a wide power range from 1 kW to 500 MW. CCHP systems have high potentials in different forms of energy supply.
CCHP, CHP, cooling energy, electricity, heating