Alen Dejanović, Matija Babić

Over the past few years, the potential for building renewable energy sources has come to recognition in Slavonia, which resulted in building two new renewable energy sources in the area of HEP ODS Elektra Vinkovci. In this paper, we did the analysis of the electric power quality in these sources according to the HRN EN 50160:2008 norm. We measured quality with stationary measure terminal MT-20QL for a small biogas plant Farm Osatina in Ivankovo with installed power of 1MVA (generator 110 kV) and a portable measuring device Analyst 3Q produced by LEM company for the solar power plant Sikirevci, with installed power of 10 kVA. The results of our measurements were analyzed by using the corresponding software of the above mentioned measuring devices.
flickers, harmonic distortion, power quality, renewable energy source