Vibor Belašić, Aleksandra Kalinić, Juraj Šimunić

The importance of process information in the power system is significant. A wide technological development of microprocessors at the end of the last century led to the introduction of intelligent electronic devices (IED) in the power system.
Classical secondary equipment (protection, measurement and control) lacks communication capabilities so it communicates via a remote terminal unit (RTU) with the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. Furthermore, an introduction of IEDs with embedded communication has enabled vertical and horizontal multidimensional data exchange between secondary devices. Although a standard-based communication solution solved the primary obstacle to unambiguous data exchange between different secondary equipment. A traditional approach in managing the power system is based on the assumption that each basic function has its own secondary equipment for data acquisition and processing. An introduction of new IEDs has opened the possibility of a new concept of multidimensional data integration and information exchange. This paper shows basic concepts in the creation of a new model of process information.
data integration, horizontal communication, logical node, IED, process information