Tihomir Kupanovac, Željko Špoljarić, Zdravko Valter

The aim of this paper is to show how to analyze and correctly choose a measuring device especially applied to the mass flow meter based on the Coriolis principle. In the beginning, a short description of a Coriolis based mass flow meter is given. Furthermore, comparison analysis of two flow meters indicates the problems of a method wrongly applied to slurry fluid measurement in production of a detergent powder plant. Analysis is made by using the RS Logix 500 software. The diagrams showing causes of
wrong measurements and position of the mass flow device determine a few malfunctions. Finally, comparison of measurement by a new mass flow meter shows that the measurement method is applicable to slurry fluids which are especially problematic and complex for measuring.
Coriolis principle, flow meter, mass flow analysis, problematic slurry fluid