Marija Kovačević, Dario Pović, Tomislav Keser

A modern way of life has also brought the problem of noise and its impact on both human health and the quality of life in general. There is an act in the Republic of Croatia that stipulates the permitted noise emissions for specific areas, but it also sets out that every bigger city should try to avoid hazardous noise. When it comes to traffic, there are several noise sources and methods to decrease noise. A specific mixture of paving materials can result in a different impact on the noise level. Measurements have shown that several materials act differently depending on the noise bandwidth, so a specific mixture of materials may bring to a noticeable decrease in traffic noise. The main goal of this paper is to develop a more efficient and reliable method to identify the sound characteristics of building materials with respect to the reduction of environmental noise. The method is based on spectral analysis of the absorption of a sound image of the analyzed material in order to identify and build their graph and analytical models
graph and analytical model, noise impact, noise sources, permitted noise emission, sound spectral properties