Davor Bogdanović, Tea Kvolik, Goran Horvat

Smart House is an automated and controlled system, which enables adjustment of living environment according to user demands. Advancements of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology give us an opportunity to improve, simplify and ensure a cost- effective smart home system. The paper describes the system composed of the BeagleBoard-xM, an XBeePro S2B coordinator, an XBee smart plug and a sensor, a mobile and a web application. The test solution was made in the laboratory environment. Compared to other existing solutions, the proposed system has benefits such as low-power consumption, cost effectiveness, modularity, module placement independence of power source, etc. In future, the system can be supplemented by power consumption regulation, speech and face recognition software, etc.
embedded system, Smart House, wireless sensor network, ZigBee, XBee.