Dunja Božić-Štulić, Maja Braović, Darko Stipaničev.

Optic disc and optic cup are one of the most recognized retinal landmarks, and there are numerous methods for their automatic detection. Segmented optic disc and optic cup are useful in providing the contextual information about the retinal image that can aid in the detection of other retinal features, but it is also useful in the automatic detection and monitoring of glaucoma. This paper proposes a novel deep learning based approach for the automatic optic disc and optic cup semantic segmentation, but also the new model for possible glaucoma detection. The proposed method was trained on DRIVE and DIARETDB1 image datasets and evaluated on MESSIDOR dataset, where it achieved the average accuracy of 97.3% of optic disc and 88.1% of optic cup. Detection rate of glaucoma diesis is 96.75%.
optic disc, optic cup, glaucoma, deep learning.