Urvashi Sharma, Meenakshi Sood, Emjee Puthooran.

The proposed block-based lossless coding technique presented in this paper targets at compression of volumetric medical images of 8-bit and 16-bit depth. The novelty of the proposed technique lies in its ability of threshold selection for prediction and optimal block size for encoding. A resolution independent gradient edge detector is used along with the block adaptive arithmetic encoding algorithm with extensive experimental tests to find a universal threshold value and optimal block size independent of image resolution and modality. Performance of the proposed technique is demonstrated and compared with benchmark lossless compression algorithms. BPP values obtained from the proposed algorithm show that it is capable of effective reduction of inter-pixel and coding redundancy. In terms of coding efficiency, the proposed technique for volumetric medical images outperforms CALIC and JPEG-LS by 0.70 % and 4.62 %, respectively.
adaptive encoding, lossless compression, predictive coding, resolution independent gradient edge detector, volumetric data compression