Oleksandr Lemeshko, Oleksandra Yeremenko, Nadia Tariki.

In this paper, the consistent solution for default gateway protection within fault-tolerant routing in an IP network is presented, and it is based on development of the appropriate flow-based mathematical model. Within the framework of the proposed model, a fault-tolerant routing problem has been reduced to the solution of the optimization problem of nonlinear programming. Fault-tolerance functions are implemented by introducing additional routing variables responsible for the calculation of a backup default gateway and the corresponding path (multipath) in the transport network. Several examples have demonstrated features of the application of the proposed model in solving default gateway protection within fault-tolerant routing for the case of realization of single path and multipath routing. The results have confirmed the efficiency of the proposed model and adequacy of the calculation results obtained.
access network, default gateway, edge router, fault-tolerance, flow-based model, routing, transport network, virtual router